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Brief Blogs for Week Ending 2012-07-26

From Lifehacker: how to make your smartphone the most important tool in your toolbox - http://t.co/LEcqyReW ->

Epson ELPSC21B 80″ 16:9 Portable Projector Screen

If you own a portable LCD projector, you will know how great it is to be able to instantly create your own cinema to entertain friends, or give a compelling…

Epson ELPSC21B 80″ 16:9 Portable Projector Screen
HDMI over Cat 5 Extender

HDMI over Cat 5 extenders lets you extend the distance between any HDMI-equipped DVD player, Media Centre PC or Games Console and your TV screen using cheap Cat5 or Cat6 network…

HDMI over Cat 5 Extender
Brief Blogs for Week Ending 2013-03-07

Cracked: 5 Despicable Things People Do For Good Online Reviews - http://t.co/Trf7SYZ16p ->

Brief Blogs for Week Ending 2012-07-05

Own an Amazon Kindle? This site has a changing list of 100 eBooks available for free at any time: http://t.co/V8pIZBEl ->

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Latest Posts » Computer Hardware » Mini USB 2.0 SDHC SD/MMC Card Reader Review

Mini USB 2.0 SDHC SD/MMC Card Reader Review

Written by Vlad on August 10, 2010 – 4:07 pm - 1,122 views

This small USB card reader lets you use any SDHC card or MMC card as a USB drive on your PC. I got this from DealExtreme, and the best thing about this device is that it is small and for $1.87, it included shipping to Australia.

Why I bought the SDHC Card Reader

I bought this so I could use the superfast 30MB/s Sandisk Extreme 4GB SDHC card that I bought to use with Windows 7 ReadyBoost to improve the performance of my old Pentium 4 PC, which does not have an inbuilt card reader.

Here is a photo of the SD card reader with the Sandisk Extreme SDHC card inserted:

Other Comments on the SDHC Card Reader

Naturally, it is small and made of plastic, so it is not designed to be thrown around or run over, but it is excellent value for money.

I connected to this to a dedicated USB port at the back of my PC, directly located on the motherboard to get maximum speed. If I connected it through a hub, it would have shared bandwidth with the other devices. Also, I wanted it out of the way and not visible from the front of my computer.

It can also be used with a microSD card if you have an adapter.

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