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The pressure gauge is fully electronic and displays the measured…

SCA Illuminated Digital Air Pressure Gauge
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Billion 5210SRC ADSL2+ Modem & Router With Annex M
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Asus P5G41C-M LX Socket 775 uATX Motherboard with DDR2 and DDR3
WKB-1000 Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard With TouchPad

The WKB-1000 is a combined wireless keyboard and touch pad oriented towards Media Centre/Entertainment/Home Theatre PCs. It is light and slim, weighing 540g (1.2lbs) and measuring 422x180x19mm (16.6x7.1x0.75 inches). It…

WKB-1000 Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard With TouchPad
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Latest Posts » Health and Fitness » Mrs Pegg’s Handy Line – A Portable Folding Clothes Hanger That Doesn’t Rust

Mrs Pegg’s Handy Line – A Portable Folding Clothes Hanger That Doesn’t Rust

Written by Vlad on April 29, 2011 – 1:35 pm - 11,927 views

Fully loaded Mrs Peggs Handy Line (small version) - a sturdy, rustproof washing line made of aircraft aluminium and polyester

Mrs Peggs Handy Line is a sturdy, yet light and portable clothes line. It is made from strong corrosion resistant materials, so it can be left outside permanently and not rust. It comes in small and large sizes.

The small version costs $174 and measures 153cm x 129cm x 65cm providing 8 lines and 10m of drying space. It weighs 2.6kg

The large version costs $189 and measures 171cm x 135cm x 75.5cm, providing 10 lines and 16m of drying space. It weighs 3.0kg

I purchased the small version for $174 from their Australian website. They also have websites in the USA, UK, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

Why I Bought Mrs Peggs Handy Line

I live in a highrise apartment and I dry my clothes on my balcony.

For many years, we used folding clothes hangers that we had purchased from local stores. These were made out of steel tubing, coated with white enamel paint. Unfortunately, the enamel would flake off after several months and the metal tubing would rapidly corrode once exposed to rain. This was exacerbated by the fact that I live close to the sea, so there is a lot of salt water in the air.

On occasions, I had to throw away shirts that were permanently marked with rust stains. I wondered why I could not find a clothes hanger that was made of corrosion resistant materials like stainless steel or aluminium. In 2006, I lost another shirt to rust stains. I got so mad, that I did a google search for a rust proof clothes line and I immediately found Mrs Peggs Handy Line, who are based in Adelaide.

The frame is made from aircraft aluminium and has a stable design making it difficult for wind to knock it over. The line itself is made from polyester and it is woven through holes in the frame.

I have had this now for almost 5 years and it is still in great condition, despite being exposed to the elements.

Why I Bought The Small Version of Mrs Peggs Handy Line

In my apartment, I have some old cantankerous neighbours that have nothing better to do than complain about anything and everything. After living here for 30 years, they are getting older and their complaints grow fewer, but they are still around.

They have complained about our drying clothes being visible from outside the building. The small version is 10.5cm shorter than the large version. I have placed as far back from the railing as possible, and now it is virtually invisible from the outside of the building.

Mrs Peggs Handy Line With Towels and Sheets Hanging On It

Best Features of Mrs Peggs Handy Line

In addition to its corrosion resistance, I consider the following to be its best features:

1. Long Length

The long length of the clothes line makes it easy to hang beach towels, bed sheets and blankets.

2. Stable Design that Resists Toppling

The clothes line resists being toppled over or pushed over due to the layout of the beams and the angling of the feet.

3. Mobile and Portable

Mrs Peggs Handy Line Folded Up

Mrs Peggs Handy Line can be folded up when you are not using it or if you need to move it somewhere else. You unlock the legs and then fold them over, and this reduces the height to 7cm.

This is convenient if you are in shared accommodation, or if your drying area is on a common property and you are not allowed to leave it there.

Also if it’s raining outside and you need your clothes to dry quickly, you can take it indoors. The rubber caps on the feet will prevent it from scratching your floor.

Tips For Using Mrs Peggy Handy Line

1. Keep the line balanced

Although the line is designed to resist being toppled over, it can still happen if there is a high wind, and you have hung items with large surface areas like beach towels or bed sheets. These act likes sails.

To avoid this, try to hang your larger items on one of the lines closest to the central aluminium beam (the longest piece of structural aluminium that is visible).

Also, try to hang your washing symmetrically, e.g. if you place a towel on the third line away from the centre beam on one side, also place a similarly sized towel on the third line on the opposite side.

2. Hang your white articles of clothing on the side that faces the sunlight.

This piece of advice applies for any washing line, but I will include it here. Sunlight has a sterilizing and bleaching effect on fabrics, largely due to the UV light component. Put your whites on the side that gets the most sunlight, and they will dry whiter. Sweat stains on shirt collars and underarm areas on singlets seem to respond well.

3. Use it in combination with Ecoforce Clothes Pegs

I recently reviewed Ecoforce Clothes Pegs, which are waterproof, immune to rusting and resistant to UV damage, so you can leave these on the line all the time. I use these in combination with Mrs Peggs Handy Line, so I no longer need a peg bag. This saves time when hanging things on the line as the pegs are always close by.

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