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I am currently tweaking the visual appearance of the site. You may see things change in size, colour or be moved around.

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Brief Blogs for Week Ending 2012-07-26

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Skypix Portable Scanner for People On The Go

The Skypix Portable Scanner performs colour and greyscale scanning with a maximum resolution of 600dpi. It is shaped like a wand, which you slide across the document you want to…

Skypix Portable Scanner for People On The Go
Epson ELPSC21B 80″ 16:9 Portable Projector Screen

If you own a portable LCD projector, you will know how great it is to be able to instantly create your own cinema to entertain friends, or give a compelling…

Epson ELPSC21B 80″ 16:9 Portable Projector Screen
Vlad’s alternative design for the new UTS Business School (Dr Chau Chak Wing Building)

The University of Technology, Sydney has officially unveiled the new design for the $150 million Doctor Chau Chak Wing Building, which will host the new Business School.

This building was designed…

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Latest Posts » Health and Fitness » Dentek Dental Pick and Scaler Removes Stains on Teeth

Dentek Dental Pick and Scaler Removes Stains on Teeth

Written by Vlad on August 18, 2010 – 10:08 am - 4,017 views

Dentek Dental Scaler and Pick

The Dentek Dental Pick and Scaler is a set of dental tools consisting of a dental scaler for removing stains, plaque and tartar and a dental pick for removing food and other debris from between teeth. There is also an illuminated mirror for seeing inside your mouth. The packaging states that “both picks are made from soft steel that safely cleans without damaging tooth enamel.”

Why I Bought the Dentek Dental Pick and Scaler

Having white teeth is important to me, especially as I have a dream of becoming a teen heart-throb.

I drink a lot of tea and other drinks that are known to stain teeth. Although I brush twice a day and use mouth wash, by the time I have my twice annual dental appointment, I almost always have stains around the edges of my front teeth that need to be removed. The dentist generally uses two tools to remove stains – an ultrasonic scaler (the vibrating probe that makes a loud noise when its on your tooth) and a hand-scaler, which is just a simple hand-held probe with a metal hook that scrapes the stains off.

I love self-experimentation, so I thought to myself – “If I had that hand-scaler, I could easily do that job myself”. I had seen medical tools for sale on eBay before, so I decided to have a look. Bingo – I found the Dentek Dental Pick and Scaler. It was located in the USA, but shipping to Australia was only a few dollars.

Instructions for using the Dental Scaler

Close up of Dentek dental pick and scaler

In the above close-up photo, the dental pick is on the left and the dental scaler is on the right. It comes with the following instructions:

“Dental Scaler Instructions: Hold the pick so that the top of the curve is flat against the tooth. Gently pull away from the gum line toward the biting edge of each tooth.

Dental Pick Instructions: Start at the gum line between the teeth and gently pull the pick away from the gum line to remove the impacted food.

Caution: For adult use only. Follow instructions carefully. Certain elements found in dental plaque may cause clotting and an increased risk of heart disease in some people. Regularly rinse mouth thoroughly during use. Do not swallow material removed. If bleeding of the gums occurs, stop and consult your dentist. For additional instructions consult your dentist.”

My Thoughts On Using the Dental Scaler

I don’t think I am very skilled at using the scaler. Maybe that’s what dentists learn at dental school? I seem to only be able to successfully scrape off stains when I can get the inside corner of the scaler’s hook directly on the stain. I struggle with stains in other locations where the end of the hook won’t fit between the narrow spaces between the teeth. I suspect that the hand-scaler that my dentist uses has thinner and harder metal. The Dentek scaler is clearly aimed at general consumers and not professional dentist use. Nonetheless, it gives you another option for maintaining your teeth between appointments.

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