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Silicone Rubber Tape Sticks To Itself Without Being Sticky

Written by Vlad on August 22, 2010 – 5:12 pm - 4,407 views

Tommy Tape Silicon Rubber Tape in Packet

Silicone rubber tape differs from other tapes in that it fuses to itself without using glue or adhesive. This means that there is no sticky side that can leave a residue or become gooey. It is useful for tasks such as electrical insulation, sealing and waterproofing. It can replace electrical insulation tape and duct tape in many applications.

Silicone tape comes in the form or a roll. The actual silicone tape has a plastic backing that you peel off and discard. When you apply the tape, you stretch the silicone rubber tape tightly as you wind it around a wire, pipe or other object ensuring that each layer of tape has a 2/3 overlap to produce a strong seal. The end of the piece of tape should be wrapped over the last layer. Over a period of 24 hours, the silicone tape cures and forms a permanent seal. If you ever need to remove the tape, you just cut through all the layers with a sharp knife and peel it off.

The most popular brand in Australia is Tommy Tape, but it is sold under many other brand names including Rescue Tape, QuikTape, Silicone Sealing Tape, Stretch & Seal, X-Treme tape and Emergency Repair Tape. The most common colour is black, but it is also made in grey, white, clear, red and blue and possibly others.

Why I Bought Tommy Tape


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