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Brief Blogs for Week Ending 2012-01-12

From Lifehacker: "Top 10 Space-Saving Household Projects" - helpful if you have a cramped home with lots of gadgets! - http://t.co/KMsfPC6L ->

From Lifehacker: Top 10 Gadgets You Should Have in…

Logitech Z4 Stereo Speaker System

If you want good stereo speakers under $100, the Logitech Z4 is an excellent choice. It's a 2.1 stereo speaker system consisting of two satellite speakers and a subwoofer, providing…

Logitech Z4 Stereo Speaker System
Breathe Easier With The POWERbreathe Lung Exerciser

The POWERbreathe Lung Exerciser is like a "dumbell for your lungs". It is a resistance training tool that strengthens your inspiratory muscles - the muscles that you use for breathing…

Breathe Easier With The POWERbreathe Lung Exerciser
Brief Blogs for Week Ending 2012-09-13

Lifehacker: "Top 10 Tricks for Turning Your Junk Into Money" - tips on selling old, unwanted stuff - http://t.co/YZsYtLG1 ->

Welcome to Vlad’s Gadgets

Welcome to Vlad's Gadgets! This site is under construction. Soon, there will be all sorts of interesting stories about gadgets I have bought.

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About Vlad’s Gadgets

Vlad is a young engineer from the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, Australia

In his 20’s, Vlad was a frugal money saver who invested much of his spare money in the stock market. The Global Financial Crisis of late 2007 hit him hard and served as a wakeup call to enjoy the things that money can buy today.

He has a keen eye for bargain gadgets found on eBay and daily deal sites and is always thinking of innovative ways to use products to solve problems, make life easy and convenient and to satisfy his insatiable curiosity.

Unlike most other review sites that exhaustively examine and test things, Vlad focuses on the story behind his purchase, the creative applications of his gadgets and ideas on how they can help other people.